Anchor QEA Virtual Internship Program

Anchor QEA is not accepting applications for internships at this time. To see how we responded to suspending the 2020 onsite internships, please check out the information below.

Given the ongoing uncertainties related to the COVID-19 pandemic, Anchor QEA has chosen to modify the approach to our 2020 Internship Program.

Instead of awarding a small number of in-person internships, we are offering our first-ever Virtual Internship Program—an opportunity for socially-distanced professional development and networking.

Although virtual learning will not replicate the hands-on experience of an on‑site internship, Anchor QEA is committed to offering young professionals opportunities to learn and grow from real-world technical, engineering, and consulting situations.

Session 1 - Introduction to Consulting

Speakers John Verduin (Principal Engineer, Seattle, Washington), Jennifer Benaman (Principal; Saratoga Springs, New York), and Greg Summers (Principal Scientist; Portland, Oregon) give a high-level overview of what environmental consulting is and how consulting firms work.

View recording: Session 1: Introduction to Consulting

Session 2 - Environmental Sciences at Anchor QEA

Anchor QEA’s Environmental Sciences Practice Area Lead, Betsy Henry, PhD, (Principal Scientist; Saratoga Springs, New York), and three panelists discuss how environmental science is used to understand environmental contamination, risks, and remediation.

View Recording: Session 2: Environmental Sciences at Anchor QEA

Session 3 - Engineering at Anchor QEA

Anchor QEA’s Engineering Practice Lead, Rebecca Gardner, PE, (Principal Engineer; Seattle, Washington), and three panelists discuss various engineering practices used in real-world environmental projects at Anchor QEA.

View Recording: Session 3: Engineering at Anchor QEA

 Session 4 - Planning and Restoration at Anchor QEA

Anchor QEA’s Planning and Restoration Practice Area Lead, Derek Koellmann, AICP, (Principal; Bellingham Washington), and a panel of planners, ecologists, and biologists discuss how planning and restoration practices are applied on ecological restoration, parks and recreation, and natural resource projects.

View Recording: Session 4: Planning and Restoration at Anchor QEA

 Session 5 - Using Technology for Better Project Outcomes at Anchor QEA

Anchor QEA’s Shared Technical Services Group Lead, Kevin Russell (Principal; Syracuse, New York), and a panel of scientists and engineers discuss and demonstrate how we use the latest technologies and tools—including automated data management and visualization systems, drones, and spatial mapping and analysis software—to help bring our project sites and data to life for us and our clients.

View Recording: Session 5: Using Technology for Better Project Outcomes at Anchor QEA

 Session 6 - Panel Discussions

Five Anchor QEA professionals from different disciplines and at different points on their internal career paths offer insights and field questions from interns who are developing their own careers in environmental consulting. Be prepared to ask questions for the panelists to address in real time.

View Recording: Session 6: Panel Discussions

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