Shipyards and Maritime

Dockside and In-Water Infrastructure and Environmental Projects

Anchor QEA was founded in large part as a firm specializing in the complex field of dredging, sediment management, and in-water remediation for industrial and public clients. Today, we remain internationally recognized as one of the original, and most experienced, consulting firms for this type of work. Established in 1997, we have multi-faceted experience addressing and designing the unique characteristics active shipyards and former shipyard sites possess.

Our team routinely provides dredging and sediment management; environmental review and permitting; sediment, soil, water, and air sciences; civil, coastal, and geotechnical engineering; sediment transport and hydrodynamic modeling; site remediation; habitat restoration; waterfront infrastructure; and construction management services. We develop cost-effective, feasible solutions that meet the needs of shipyards and industrial waterfronts while efficiently balance regulatory and stakeholder requirements.

Shipyard and Maritime Redevelopment Services

Sediment Management, Removal, and Remediation

Anchor QEA’s clients include waterfront industries, shipyards, potentially responsible party groups, ports, and public sector clients, whose issues range from dredged material management to remediation strategies on large environmental cleanup (Superfund) sites. Our expertise covers all aspects needed to successfully design and implement sediment-related projects for maintenance, operational improvements, navigation, facility deepening, and sediment remediation.

Comprehensive Strategies for Environmental Permitting

We routinely provide industrial clients and ports with environmental compliance and monitoring services for water quality, air quality, sediment and soil, underwater noise, and habitat conditions during construction. Our in-house permitting specialists prepare documentation to support compliance with federal, state, and local regulations, from local critical areas ordinances and shoreline management programs to multi-jurisdictional environmental reviews and large-scale environmental impact statements.

Environmental Studies, Investigation, and Data Management

Interpretation and management of large environmental datasets is a core service. Anchor QEA sets up and maintains environmental information management systems, project-specific databases, and automated tools to manage historic and current field investigation data. We also perform specialized environmental studies in support of environmental liability management, liability assessments, real estate due diligence evaluations, and environmental impact assessments.

Coastal Protection and Waterfront Resiliency

Anchor QEA is a leader in developing facility designs that offer varying degrees of coastal resiliency, depending on our clients’ desired level of protection. Using commercial and proprietary hydrologic and sediment transport models, we can offer our clients shoreline evaluations with a coastal process analysis and an evaluation of site setting and vulnerability of the facility and shoreline.

Bid-Ready Contract Documents and Construction Management

Our engineers prepare technical specifications and bid-ready contract documents for a wide range of disciplines, all applicable to industrial waterfront operations, maintenance, development, and remediation. Documents are developed to supply clarity to bidders while mitigating the potential for expensive in-field surprises and change orders.

Decontamination, Decommissioning, and Demolition

We assist industrial, utility, and commercial clients with a wide range of operational and environmental issues—always with the goal of reducing costs and maximizing beneficial use of demolition debris and scrap recovery. Depending on client input, some projects may focus on minimizing risks, while others may focus on cost control and achieving positive return through the asset disposition.

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