People, Community, Environment



Since the company’s beginning, Anchor QEA’s success has been mission-driven, strengthened by our dedication to ethical and sustainable business practices. In 2023, we elevated these practices by continuously improving our sustainability commitments, focusing on our People, our Community, and our Environment (PCE).

Anchor QEA’s Impact Report documents this focus on PCE and highlights our progress toward integrating environmental and social sustainability into our business and culture in meaningful, impactful, and lasting ways. Moving forward, Anchor QEA will release an annual Impact Report to ensure we remain steadfast in our mission of improving the environment and our communities by solving challenging problems together, with integrity and vibe.

People doing monitoring with hard hat and safety gear


Our people come first at Anchor QEA. They drive everything we do, and the company prioritizes helping them stay safe, rewarding them for a job well done, and providing opportunities for them to grow. 

Instructors and young students in a classroom


Anchor QEA’s success is driven by our local, national, and global communities, so we believe it is our duty to contribute to their success as well. To strive toward this belief, we focus both on internal management measures driving our firm to be a better citizen and external direct measures serving our communities and stakeholders. 



Anchor QEA is strongly committed to environmental stewardship. We have implemented initiatives focused on waste minimization and recycling, and we provide our clients and communities with services allowing them to become better environment stewards. 

Our PCE Approach

Anchor QEA has formed a People, Community, and Environment Advisory Council (PCEAC) that is working with an outside environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) expert to develop a program that reflects our mission, vision, and core values. The PCEAC is responsible for developing the program’s framework, assessing performance, assigning responsibilities, and holding leaders accountable. The PCEAC consists of Anchor QEA’s CEO, Director of Human Resources, Chief Strategy Officer, a business unit representative, and the program’s champion.

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