Water Resources

Anchor QEA works for public agencies and special-purpose districts to effectively plan for and manage water resources. We work with large water users, such as irrigation districts, hydroelectric plants, and municipalities that balance water needs with natural resource needs such as instream flows, recreation, and wetland preservation. We effectively communicate with multiple stakeholders on difficult issues and design solutions that provide multiple benefits.

Anchor QEA provides engineering services for projects to improve water resources management, including reservoir projects, new diversion structures, fish passage, and water conservation projects, to reduce water needs and diversions. Our surface water management services include the design of stormwater facilities (wetlands, bioswales, sand filters, and alternative stormwater filtration devices); civil engineering design of pipelines, dams, reservoirs, flow control and diversion structures, tide gates, and other hydraulic structures and components; and NPDES permitting/compliance assistance and stormwater pollution prevention planning.