Site Remediation

Anchor QEA has worked on some of the largest, most complex aquatic cleanup sites in North America. Working under federal and state programs, we have provided remedial solutions for long-abandoned legacy sites, fully active industrial operations, and undeveloped sites where activity is planned. Our engineers and scientists construct a conceptual site model to determine if, where, and how remedial measures may be warranted to reduce risk and/or liability.

Our staff have prepared many feasibility studies at contaminated sediment sites and have tools and experience designing, implementing, and monitoring remedial technologies. With this experience, our reputation with agencies and knowledge of regulations supports the selection of the most scientifically sound and cost-effective solutions.

Anchor QEA manages many of the largest and most complex sediment remediation projects in the United States and Canada. We have completed hundreds of remediation projects involving dredging, capping, enhanced natural recovery, nearshore confined disposal, confined aquatic disposal, treatment, and beneficial reuse of contaminated sediment.

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