Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)/Drones

Anchor QEA uses unmanned aerial systems (UAS), or drone technology, in multiple ways to add value for our clients, including aerial mapping, estimation of volumes at project sites, site monitoring and surveys, agency correspondence, and video production. Utilizing drones and mapping software to program flights, our team captures photos along specified track lines to generate to-scale maps, 3D models, and elevation models. Maps can be loaded into GIS and CAD software for analysis and reporting, including cross-section evaluations, earthwork volume estimates, and design drawing overlays.

We use aerial maps and models to meet a variety of client needs across the full range of our engineering, environmental sciences, planning and restoration services, including:

  • Pre-construction surveys, construction progress tracking, and post-construction monitoring
  • Turbidity monitoring
  • Design investigation of existing conditions
  • Stakeholder updates and public outreach
  • Wetland and vegetation surveys
  • Habitat restoration monitoring

About Anchor QEA’s Drone Technology Services

Our staff members are Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Part 107 UAS certified for commercial operations within the United States. Our drone pilots are trained to conduct pre-flight checks and operate according to Part 107 rules, including consultation of aeronautical charts, Notices to Airmen, Temporary Flight Restrictions, and weather conditions. Anchor QEA’s team is also experienced with the FAA’s Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability (LAANC) to fly near airports if needed.

If all pre-flight checks indicate that conditions are safe for flight, our drone pilots have experience operating in both manual and pre-programmed flight modes. Our drone operations are insured against liabilities and damages, and we have certified drone pilots positioned geographically at multiple locations across the United States.

Get in Touch

For inquiries about Anchor QEA’s technology and innovation capabilities, please contact:

Adam Carlson, PE, CCM
Senior Civil Engineer and Construction Manager
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