Pier 62 Rebuild and Habitat Improvements

City of Seattle

To improve infrastructure and the surrounding habitat on the downtown Seattle waterfront, Anchor QEA worked with a construction management team for the City of Seattle to replace the old timber Pier 62 with a steel and concrete pier, providing a new and improved public park.

Our team provided inspection and environmental compliance management for in-water work, including intertidal habitat beach construction; marine mattress installation for an intertidal habitat bench; timber pile removal and steel sheet pile and pipe pile driving, using both vibratory and impact hammers; and a new stormwater outfall.

Anchor QEA contributed habitat and environmental compliance monitoring by implementing the Clean Water Act Section 401 Water Quality Monitoring Plan, conducting marine mammal monitoring, preparing monthly and annual environmental reports, and developing permit modifications and renewals throughout construction.

Throughout the project, Anchor QEA used drone technology for pier and habitat construction tracking, habitat restoration monitoring, and stakeholder outreach. The City occasionally included drone photography in their weekly emails to the public and other interested parties who opted in for updates of the project’s progress. After a decade of community engagement, visioning, and design, the rebuilt pier was designed to be a flexible park space with views of the Seattle skyline and Elliott Bay for the entire community to enjoy.

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