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Strength and Expertise Across Four Key Areas

Environmental Sciences
Planning and Restoration

Nearshore- and Aquatic-Based Engineering

As recognized leaders in design and management of nearshore- and aquatic-based projects, our engineers offer innovative and cost-effective technical solutions to address unique challenges and implement sustainable solutions. We work with our clients from the initial planning, site investigation, and feasibility evaluation stages, through design, plans and specifications, construction management, permit compliance, and environmental monitoring.

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Environmental Remediation and Management

Our environmental scientists apply cutting-edge analytical skills and a deep understanding of the science to solve environmental problems. For innovative and cost-effective solutions, we marshal resources in the many disciplines that comprise environmental sciences, including bioaccumulation, biology, chemistry, data analytics, ecology, environmental modeling, fisheries, geochemistry, hydrogeology, hydrodynamics, in situ amendments, limnology, nonaqueous phase liquid (NAPL), quality assurance, risk assessment, sediment, statistics, toxicology, fate and transport, water quality, wildlife, and more.

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Full-Spectrum Environmental Planning and Restoration

Anchor QEA provides a full spectrum of environmental planning and restoration services. Our planners and biologists develop strategies and manage the regulatory processes to secure necessary environmental approvals at federal, state, and local levels, and our landscape architects offer environmentally sensitive solutions for design and construction that incorporate habitat restoration and public access.

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Data-Driven Solutions to Meet Complex Environmental Challenges

Environmental data management, systems development, geospatial analysis, and visualization are core services at Anchor QEA. Our expertise resides in a coordinated team of chemistry, field services, database management, and GIS staff. Our experience gives us insight into the issues that affect data quality and the knowledge to circumvent those issues. Furthermore, we excel at visual representation of site data to facilitate communication of complex concepts and the overall story of a project.

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Serving Private and Public Sectors

Anchor QEA is a trusted leader in providing environmental science and engineering services. Our diverse expertise allows us to effectively serve industrial, energy, federal, state, local, and port and harbor clients across the United States.


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Providing Quality in Everything We Do

Chehalis Basin Strategy

Anchor QEA led preparation and analysis of a comprehensive long-term set of actions to reduce flood damage and restore aquatic species habitat in the 2,700 square mile Chehalis River Basin.

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Hancock County Marsh Living Shoreline

Anchor QEA provided engineering design, permitting, and construction assistance services for a living shoreline project that involved preserving and protecting existing habitat while providing areas of secondary shellfish productivity.

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Feasibility Study, Remedial Design, Construction Oversight and Monitoring

Anchor QEA assisted with the feasibility study, remedial design, and construction phases of a lake cleanup project

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Anchor QEA is an environmental science and engineering consulting firm working to improve the environment and our communities. Our vision is to be a growing company that is our clients’ first choice for solving their most challenging problems and our employees’ first choice as a company where they want to work.

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