Integrating Sustainable Practices
Sustainability Program

Integrating Sustainable Practices


Environmental responsibility is at the heart of what we do at Anchor QEA, and we are committed to green initiatives that focus on continually incorporating sustainable practices.

Our Sustainability Program is based on the widely accepted “triple bottom line” approach to placing balanced emphasis on the following:

  • Environmental protection and restoration (Environment)
  • Economical and cost-effective solutions (Economics)
  • Protecting human health and building strong communities (Social/Community)

We promote this approach in the services we offer our clients, within our internal company operations, and through environmental stewardship in the community.

Client Services

Our project work focuses on helping clients achieve their goals toward environmental responsibility. We have implemented sustainable solutions on some of the most complex, environmentally beneficial projects in the country.

Anchor QEA provides sustainable sediment management by evaluating remedial alternatives for environmental impacts and long-term sustainability of a project, using environmental footprinting as an evaluation metric. We incorporate green design into several projects; design restoration projects to improve and sustain ecosystems for fish and wildlife; and provide water resources, water quality, and water conservation services.

Company Operations

Our daily operations promote sustainable business practices that emphasize the following:

  • Energy efficiency and reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. We support telecommuting where possible and offer a subsidy that encourages employees to commute via public transportation. All of our offices use energy-efficient equipment.
  • Waste reduction and recycling. When permitted, we submit electronic deliverables and encourage clients to review electronic versions of documents and correspondence. We also use paper created from recycled materials and promote in-office recycling.
  • Green supply chain. We work with vendors and subconsultants that support our environmental practices and offer the most efficient and sustainable processes to help us complete our work.

Anchor QEA’s Sustainability Committee monitors our green initiatives, recognizes issues that may affect our clients, and identifies upcoming projects, trainings, and conferences where our technical expertise can be applied.

Environmental Stewardship

Our employees place importance on living and working toward a more sustainable future, and we naturally delight in seeing positive changes in the environment. Throughout the country, Anchor QEA staff regularly organize and participate in restoration activities.

Anchor QEA also contributes to a wide range of charities—from human service to environmental education organizations—that strengthen the communities where we live and work.

Visit our Community page for more information.


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