Navigating Operational and Environmental Issues at Mine Sites

Anchor QEA assists the mining and aggregate industries by applying our water-based scientific and engineering expertise to operational and environmental issues at mine sites for resource metals, coal mining operations, sand and gravel quarries, oil sand extraction operations, tailings impoundments, and environmental legacy sites. Key areas of technical expertise include the following:

  • NRDA and settlement support
  • Baseline determinations and injury assessment
  • Water and biological monitoring and risk assessment for ecological and human health
  • Remedial investigation/feasibility study (RI/FS) development for industrial sites
  • Negotiation of cleanup requirements and implementation details with federal, state, and local regulators
  • Fate and transport modeling of mine-derived chemical constituents in surface and subsurface waters
  • Geochemical studies and laboratory support for implementation of environmental remedies
  • Design of remedial solutions for facilities, lakes, stream channels, and biological resources
  • Habitat restoration in streams, ponds, and lakes