Coastal Resiliency

Anchor QEA’s White Creek Project Featured in Delaware Public Media

September 10, 2021 – Delaware Public Media

Dredged Sediment from Delaware’s White Creek is being considered for potential beneficial use to restore coastal marshes

Not having been dredged since the early 2000s, Delaware’s White Creek is again shoaled with sediment and sandbars—making it the state’s highest priority waterway for dredging. Anchor QEAWoods Hole Group, Inc. JV is supporting the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) to develop engineering design associated with the project.

Anchor QEA’s Dr. Ram Mohan was recently featured in Delaware Public Media discussing how an innovative technology being considered for the project—thin layer placement—could accelerate the natural process of sediment deposition, to restore coastal wetlands, and protect it from the effects of sea level rise and storm surge in the future.

Dr. Mohan tells the reporter how the 30-50,000 cubic yards of sediment will help Delaware’s marshes be more resilient to sea level rise and continue to provide habitat and prevent flooding. Read the entire news article here.