Rock Bay Remediation

Rock Bay is located on the east side of the Upper Harbour, Victoria, British Columbia. Historical activities in the vicinity, including a coal gasification plant and infilling, resulted in environmental impacts to soil, groundwater, and sediment. Transport Canada remediated the upland areas of the site, and Anchor QEA provided remedial investigation/design and construction management for the sediment remediation portion of the project at Barclay Point.

Anchor QEA managed geotechnical investigations to assess feasibility for dredging in the dry within driven caissons, sediment characterization to delineate extents of hazardous waste, and water quality studies to predict impacts during construction. We also prepared tender documents and the construction quality assurance plan. During the construction phase, Anchor QEA served as Transport Canada’s full-time inspector and construction administrator for both focused caisson and removal-in-the-dry remedial efforts.

Market Sector
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada