Twelvemile Creek Restoration

Twelvemile Creek and Lake Hartwell, in South Carolina, are part of the Sangamo Weston Twelvemile Creek/Lake Hartwell Superfund site. The site was listed due to the presence of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) from a former capacitor plant. As part of a settlement agreement with the Natural Resources Trustees in 2006, Schlumberger Technology Corporation agreed to restore a 2-mile reach of Twelvemile Creek, by removing and disposing of the impounded sediment containing low levels of PCBs, removing two historic dams, and restoring the creek channel.

One of Anchor QEA’s staff was the overall program manager and engineer of record for the design. Anchor QEA provided turbidity monitoring buoys with real-time data output and reporting, and developed and operated a data management system to compile the data and facilitate data evaluation. We also provided construction management services for construction components, such as an on-site landfill, hydraulic dredging, dewatering and water treatment, dam demolition assessment, and demolition and removal of two historic dams.

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Natural Resources
Pickens, South Carolina