Anchor QEA works with REGENESIS to Reduce PFAS in Groundwater

As environmental scientists and engineers, water pollution sometimes seems like an age-old environmental concern. But then we come across emerging contaminants. Emerging contaminants (or contaminants of emerging concern), put simply, are chemicals discovered in drinking water supplies that had not previously been detected. To make matters worse, their risk to human health is unknown....

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Volunteer Grant Program

We are truly fortunate to be part of a company that supports volunteering and service to our global community. Anchor QEA’s Volunteer Grant Program provides financial assistance to staff looking to help others outside their neck of the woods, allowing them to learn about another culture while volunteering their time to enhance the community...

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Anchor QEA attends PNWA Annual Convention

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October 10, 2018, Pacific Northwest Waterways Association Annual Convention, Vancouver, Washington. PNWA hosted its annual convention at the Vancouver Hilton. Over 150 industry professionals were in attendance, including Anchor QEA’s own Principal Scientist, Dan Berlin, Principal Scientist, Greg Summers, and Managing Planner, Valerie Oster. The event was a great networking and information exchange opportunity...

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