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Chehalis Project Featured in Municipal Water Leader

March 2, 2022 – Municipal Water Leader

The 2,700 square mile Chehalis River Basin—a region rich in native wildlife, working lands, and cultural significance—is economically and ecologically vital, both locally and to Washington State. In the Chehalis Basin Strategy, launched in 2010, community leaders and a diverse group of stakeholders have come together to tackle two of the Washington State region’s biggest challenges: the periodic catastrophic flooding of settled areas and the loss of habitat for salmon and other aquatic species, both of which are exacerbated by climate change.

In an exclusive interview with Municipal Water Leader Magazine, the Office of Chehalis Basin’s Director Andrea McNamara Doyle discusses the history of the basin and the strategy implemented to reduce flooding and protect native fish habitat. Anchor QEA led the development of the programmatic environmental impact statement, which evaluated options to achieve these goals.

We are continuing to support the Office of Chehalis Basin and State agencies in developing, evaluating, and implementing flood damage reduction and aquatic species habitat restoration actions throughout the Basin. Learn more about the project’s impact here.