Congratulating Anchor QEA’s 2020 Scholarship Award Winners

February 2, 2021 – Scholarship Program

The Anchor QEA Scholarship Committee is happy to announce our 2020 scholarship award winners. We began awarding scholarships in 1999, and in recent years have been examining our process for ways to be more inclusive and increase the scholarship program’s positive impact. This year, Anchor QEA committed a minimum of half of our scholarship funds to Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) students who are pursuing advanced degrees in environmental-related fields.

Our 2020 Scholarship Award recipients included:

  • A PhD student in Engineering Science (with a focus on water resources) at Washington State University whose research focuses on improving existing methods to more effectively quantify regional groundwater dynamics in hydrological models
  • A Master’s student in Landscape Architecture at Cornell University who has a strong interest in climate resilience and adaptation, urban resilience, and community engagement
  • A Master’s student in Water Resources at the University of New Mexico who is pursuing a policy and management concentration and plans to focus on impacts of climate change on Western water supply, including strategies to mitigate climate change
  • A PhD student in Civil Engineering at UCLA whose research focuses on the physical mechanisms that control resilience of protective coastal dunes, berms, and living shorelines, and optimizing their design
  • A PhD student in Environmental Sciences at the University of Michigan who studies mercury biogeochemical cycling in contaminated ecosystems
  • A PhD student in Civil and Environmental Engineering at UCLA who focuses on hydrodynamic processes in the swash zone, with an emphasis on surface-subsurface interaction sand sediment transport
  • A Master’s student in Geology at Wayne State University who plans to study groundwater discharge into lakes using radioactive isotopes and who has successfully passed the Fundamentals of Engineering board exam
  • A PhD student in Marine Sciences at the University of Texas at Austin who is developing a thesis titled Context-Dependent Grazing by Herbivorous Fishes on Caribbean Coral Reefs Across Anthropogenic and Ecological Gradients

Congratulations to the 2020 scholarship award winners, and sincere thanks to all who applied. The next application window for scholarships will open in fall 2021. Details about Anchor QEA’s scholarship program can be found on our Scholarship Program page.