Scholarship Program

Congratulating Anchor QEA’s 2023 Scholarship Award Winners


The Anchor QEA Scholarship Committee is happy to announce our 2023 scholarship award winners!

Since 1999, our scholarship program has remained committed to supporting graduate students entering fields aligned with our expertise while providing funds for those dedicated to giving back to their communities.

As a step toward dismantling the financial barriers that contribute to inequities in STEM fields, Anchor QEA reserves a minimum of 50% of all scholarship funds for Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) students pursuing advanced degrees in environmental-related fields.

Our 2023 Scholarship Winners:

  • A mechanical engineering student from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who is researching, designing, and fabricating a passive deep-sea sampler rated for 10,000-meter depths that will provide valuable insights into marine ecosystems, pollutants, geography, algal blooms, and climate trends
  • A marine science student from the Virginia Institute of Marine Science whose graduate studies focus on harmful algal bloom (HAB) toxins and their effects on the environment and marine life—in particular, the presence of toxins in the Gulf of Alaska and how the consumption of toxins affects invertebrates on a mechanistic level
  • A coastal science and policy student from the University of California, Santa Cruz, whose project addresses the environmental concerns of underserved coastal communities—Indigenous or of a particular locality—using a holistic approach that prioritizes diverse perspectives, unique cultural practices, and co-created solutions
  • An environmental engineering student from Texas Tech University whose research focuses on microbial community functions involved in Hg methylation and how elemental cycles are linked to Hg methylation
  • An environmental science and engineering student from Virginia Tech whose research focuses on the restoration of water resources—in particular, ecological restoration, environmental design, freshwater ecology, and remediation of ecosystems
  • An environmental management student from Duke University whose specific focus is biogeochemistry as it pertains to water quality due to the multiplicative nature of water pollution and water management—in particular, how it directly affects human health and ecological services
  • An interdisciplinary ecology student from the University of Florida whose research in ecosystem ecology centers on exploring the impact of amphibian extinction on ecosystem processes
  • A marine resource management student from Texas A&M University at Galveston whose graduate studies are focused on the knowledge of coastal and marine environments and their laws and policies as well as how to manage these environments

Congratulations to all 2023 scholarship award winners! Our sincere thanks go out to all who applied. The next application window for scholarships will open in fall 2024. Details about Anchor QEA’s scholarship program can be found on our Scholarship Program page.