Redeveloping Ports to Support Offshore Wind Energy

May 26, 2021 – Walter Dinicola, P.E.

A major shift in design approach is necessary for ports that want to support the renewable energy industry—including adaptations for specialized equipment, services, and labor that ports will need to be operational. If the United States is to fully develop its offshore wind energy potential, the right port infrastructure is critical. More and more coastal communities are advancing port infrastructure ventures as they compete to become centers of economic activity for the future of the offshore wind energy industry.  

On a fundamental level, there are several key areas in which a port can focus its harbor strategies to be successful in supporting offshore wind farm development. As a newer industry, however, offshore wind energy calls for specialized equipment, services, and labor that ports will have to adapt to in order to be operational. Identifying the needs of the industry helps clarify the port-related requirements for offshore wind energy development and the potential utilization of available ports.