Feasibility Study, Remedial Design, Construction Oversight and Monitoring

Anchor QEA assisted with the feasibility study, remedial design, and construction phases of a lake cleanup project that included dredging ~2 million cubic yards of contaminated sediment and placing the material in an upland sediment consolidation area, followed by capping over 400 acres of the lake bottom.

We participated in pre-design investigations to resolve data gaps, including sediment and biota sampling, shoreline and habitat surveys, 3-D data visualization and numerical modeling. We were integral to developing cost effective dredging template and the development of one of the most complex aquatic sediment caps in North America. We also assisted with shoreline erosion control, including offshore berm breakwaters and innovative shallow water wetland habitat design.  Following our role for construction oversight and water quality compliance, we are now supporting key elements of NRDA and long term monitoring of remedy effectiveness.

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