Supporting Education

Supporting Education


Anchor QEA is pleased to offer scholarships to graduate students in fields related to water resources, surface and groundwater quality, coastal development, planning/land use, habitat restoration, and contaminated sediment management. Individual scholarships range in value from $500 to $6,000 and are provided to the recipient’s institution of higher learning to be disbursed to the student for graduate school tuition and supplies.


To be eligible for the Anchor QEA scholarship, students must meet the following requirements:

  • Full-time graduate students or persons accepted to a graduate school in the United States
  • Students with an undergraduate GPA equivalent of B or higher
  • Students majoring in biology; environmental sciences; planning/land use; landscape architecture; or civil, coastal, geotechnical or environmental engineering (preference are majors with focus similar to types of projects Anchor QEA performs such as aquatic and waterfront projects)


To apply for our scholarship, please submit the items listed below to:

Anchor QEA, LLC
ATTN: Scholarship Committee
1201 3rd Avenue, Suite 2600
Seattle, WA 98101

  • Completed application form
  • Resume (optional but recommended)
  • Letter(s) of recommendation (professional or academic) from professors, employers, etc.
  • Certified copies of undergraduate and graduate (if applicable) transcripts
  • A one-page essay that states your educational goals, describes reasons for selecting your major, discusses your future plans in the field, and explains how this scholarship would help you.


Applications for the 2019 scholarship are due November 11, 2019, and the scholarship will be awarded in January 2020.


Please email any questions to

Past Recipients


Tianna T., State University of New York
Christina M, Utah State University
Bashar A., Portland State University
Kimberly B., Duke University
Octavio C., Western Washington University
Russell N., North Caroline State University


Trevor N., University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Tea V., Texas Tech University
Anneliese S., University of California, Berkeley
Johanna E., Colorado State University
Melanie D., University of Washington
Elham S., Old Dominion University


Jackson B., University of Washington
Anika K., University of South Alabama
Greg M., Portland State University
Neha N., Stanford University
Mary R., Portland State University
Kestin S., Oregon Health and Science University
Molly W., State University of New York, College of Environmental Science and Forestry


Nizette C., Carnegie Mellon University
Taylor G., Yale University
Amelia J., Portland State University
Hadley M., University of Maryland
Julia M., Virginia Institute of Marine Science
Carrianne P., State University of New York College ESF
Jaclyn T., Portland State University


Emily B., Iowa State University
Sara G., Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Andrew C., Washington State University
Julianne R., University of Massachusetts
Chantal C., Duke University
Shane T., University of Rhode Island
David J., Yale University


Erika S., University of Washington
Pascale G., University of Washington
Yusin W., Carnegie Mellon University
Tiffany C., Oregon State University
Uma B., Yale University
Eliza K., Case Western University
Jeffery S., Carnegie Mellon University


Danielle A., University of Virginia
Violet C., San Diego State University and University of California, Davis
Amy D., Carnegie Mellon University
Kelly G., University of Illinois – Chicago
Iris K., University of Washington
Alejandro M., Georgia Institute of Technology
Aurore M., University of Texas
Ijeoma N., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Courtney T., University of Texas
Yolimar V., Western Washington University


Tess B., University of Washington
Lisa F., University of California, Los Angeles
Miriam N., University of Texas
Katie S., Oregon State University
Karin S., University of Washington
Britta P., University of Washington


Leslie B., University of Washington
Kathryn S., Virginia Institute of Marine Science
Hong-Hanh C., SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry
Nathan B., University of Virginia
Theresa D., Virginia Institute of Marine Science
Mei S., Carnegie Mellon University


Anthony S., University of Texas
Emily L., Oregon State University
Brittany D., Eastern Washington University
Pitiporn A., University of California, Irvine
Hong W., University of Oregon
Jennifer S., University of New Orleans
Pushpa N., Wesleyan University
Denise B., University of Connecticut


Sara Z., Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Yasmin G., SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry
Jennifer H., Florida Institute of Technology
Regina L., University of Cincinnati
Ibrahim A., Duke University
Heather W., Michigan Technological Institute
Srijan A., University of Minnesota
Niveen I., Temple University
Judy B., University of Washington
Susan D., Western Washington University
Eric L., University of Washington
Elizabeth W., University of Oregon
Suzanna S., Oregon State University


Kevin B., Johns Hopkins University
Lauren F., Michigan Technological University
Kathleen L., Colorado School of Mines
Lisa M., The University of Texas at Austin
Heather D., San Diego State University
Fernando A., University of Arizona
Emilie F., University of Washington
Emily H., University of Washington
Ana R., Colorado School of Mines


Matthew B., University of Washington
Kai C., California State Polytechnic University
Jeffrey C., University of Colorado, Boulder
Obidimma E., Yale University
Andrew G., Duke University
Helen M., Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Abouzar S., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Navid S., Carnegie Mellon University
Demian W., University of California, Los Angeles


Naomi A., Duke University
Christopher C., Yale University
Kirsten E., University of Washington
Megan H., Central Missouri State University
Nathan J., University of Texas, Austin
Theresa M., University of Washington
Arden T., University of Washington


Adam F., Humboldt State University
Carey G., San Diego State University
Jeremy G., South Dakota State University
Abigail H., University of Washington
Jolly J., Texas A&M University
Yifen L., Columbus State University
Sarah P., University of Washington
Adam Z., Duke University


Larissa S., University of Michigan
Marcie B., University of Washington
Meredith E., San Francisco State University
Richard G., Western Washington University
Elise G., Oregon State University
Nicholas M., New York University


Christy H., University of California, Berkeley
Frances C., University of Washington
Kim E., University of Washington
Nakul S., Florida Institute of Technology


Brendon A., Boston University
Sarah F., Florida Institute of Technology
Catalina G., University of California, Berkeley
Janine K., University of Washington
Bridgette S., Oregon State University


Ryan B., University of California, Berkeley
Scott D., Georgia Institute of Technology
Robyn E., University of Washington
Ermelinda H., Northwestern University
Heather Y., Texas A&M University, Galveston
Alicia W., University of Washington


Estelle B., University of Washington
Michel G., University of South Carolina
Harman A., Oregon State University
Amy W., Oregon State University

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